Jet Orientation Course (JOC) is the necessary preparation for pilots transitioning from the basic commercial training environment (piston engine aircraft) to jet airline operations.


  • The minimum age requirement to undertake a JOC course is 18 years.
  • Students must have an ICAO English proficiency of Level 4 or higher.
  • The JOC course is intended for students who already hold a CPL / Frozen ATPL.
  • Before a student is admitted into a JOC course they will be required to hold a valid Multi-Engine Instrument Rating.



The course lasts 2 days.

Phase 1 of the JOC Training Course consists of a 1/2 day theoretical phase covering overview and handling of a jet aircraft. High speed aerodynamics and high high-altitude airwork with jets, approach and go-around considerations and other topics, like noise abatement, abnormal procedures, and so on.

Phase 2 of the JOC Training Course consists of 2×1/2 day flight simulator and briefings phase (8 hours of simulator flying).



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