If you are looking for a job in a flight school as a Instructor the Flight Instructor (FI) course is the ideal for you!

The Flight Instructor (FI) course is the first and easier way to add flight experience to your logbook before applying to an Airline.

Taking a job of Flight Instructor at a Flight School is one of the best ways possible to build hours while training other pilots, and consolidate your flying skills in an entry job into aviation that will, at the same time, allow you to stay connected to the Airline Pilot job market.

After having completed the required training, the Flight Instructor Rating will allow you to act as a Flight Instructor, teaching Ground school and providing Flight training to other students.

Applicants must comply with the following:

  • Being over 18 yo
  • Hold a Commercial Pilot License CPL or a Private Pilot License PPL with the CPL theory done.
  • A minimum flight experience of 200 hours as a Pilot of which 150 will be as Pilot in Command
  • Hold a Medical Certificate Class I or II in accordance with the license
  • Flight Experience: 10 hours of instrument flight instructor in the appropriate aircraft category.
  • 20 hours of flight time as a Pilot in command in VFR cross country in the appropriate aircraft category, including a flight of 540 km (300 NM) with full stop landing at two different aerodromes than the departure aerodrome.
  • 30 hours in single engine piston aircraft of which at least 5 hours will be completed in the last 6 months before the flight test

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