The aim of the CPL(A) Modular course is to train PPL(A) holders to the level of proficiency necessary for the issue of a CPL(A).

During the CPL(A) Modular course at first you will acquire PPL(A) (the first stage of the training) license, and then ATPL Frozen (CPL(A)/IR/ME + ATPL theory) after the completion of the whole course.

Entry requirements

A beginner without previous experience in aviation (“ab-initio”) or a candidate who an applicant shall:

  • Have a valid PPL (Private Pilot License)
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be finished at least secondary / high school or college
  • Provide a written proof of previous education

An applicant for CPL (A):

  • Valid Class 1 medical certificate
  • Before being admitted to the course the applicant will take a pre-test in following subjects: Mathematics,  Physics and  English language.

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